Friday, February 12, 2010

Anti-Valentine’s Day Books or Books for a Break-Up

So I was pulling together a care package for a friend getting over a bad break-up, and I wanted to add some books to it. I put in The Bounce-Back Book, and God Never Blinks. Then I wanted to add some fiction. Nothing sad. Nothing romantic. Female empowering. There’s not a lot out there. I thought of The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, but I think she’s read both already.

When I was an editor, Valentine’s Day was my holiday. Except I published Anti-Valentine’s Day books, like How To Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign, and We Need To Talk… But First, Do You Like My Shoes? A lot less competition than Christmas books, but have as much potential sales really. Love, Loss, and What I Wore has been a perennial seller for over a decade now. I don’t want self-help. This is too early, too raw. I just want funny, revenge, you-go-girl kinds of lit to lift her spirits (not a “don’t worry, you’ll meet someone else” book either as she’s too exhausted with 3 kids to even think about that right now.) And I’m quite surprised at how little of this kind of book there is. I wonder why? Aren’t women 60% of the book buyers out there? Aren’t many of us getting over a relationship? I would have thought after the success of He’s Just Not That Into You that more of these would have been published but it seems Publishing decided that was a one-off.

Now, these books aren’t for just anyone, but Sloane Tannen’s books of bizarre chick dioramas are hilarious for a twisted girl with a good sense of humor. My favorite is Bitter With Baggage Seeks Same. That’s what I’m tempted to send her but I think it possibly could freak her out. I sent her a spa gift certificate. But I really wish there were more literary options.

Any suggestions?

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Kelly said...

I am not big into V-Day, so this post cracked me up! Love those titles and covers.