Wednesday, August 11, 2010

“Waiting On” Wednesday: Hector & the Search for Happiness

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted here, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. This week's pre-publication “can't-wait-to-read” selection is:

Hector & the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord, Lorenza Garcia (Translator)

from the publisher:
Can we learn how to be happy? Hector is a successful young psychiatrist. He's very good at treating patients in real need of his help. But many people he sees have no health problems: they re just deeply dissatisfied with their lives. Hector can't do much for them, and it's beginning to depress him. So when a patient tells him he looks in need of a holiday, Hector decides to set off round the world to find out what makes people everywhere happy (and sad), and whether there is such a thing as the secret of true happiness... Over a million readers worldwide have engaged with psychiatrist François Lelord s modern fable. Narrated with deceptive simplicity, its perceptive observations on happiness offer us the chance to reflect on the contentment we all look for in our own lives.

Publishing 8/31 by Penguin Group USA.


Emidy @ Une Parole said...

Interesting choice! This sounds like it might be a tad depressing at first, reading about people's unhappiness. But overall, sounds like a nice, upbeat book!

Nat said...

I like the sound of this one. Thanks!

danya said...

This one sounds interesting - I like that it focuses on positive psychology rather than abnormal :)