Thursday, February 17, 2011

E-Book Resistance

I am going on a trip soon (a cruise actually!) and a few of my friends who have become Ebook fanatics have been harassing me as apparently it's not enough for me to spend thousands on this trip, but it's also the perfect time for me to drop another couple hundred on an Ebook reader. They have a dozen reasons why, but the #1 reason is that books are heavy, and of course I have to bring a ton of books.

Neither point will I argue. Normally for a vacation I bring 1 book per day. However, on this vacation I expect I will get in much less reading than usual, since I will be horseback riding, hiking, snorkling, kayaking, and parasailing (as opposed to my usual: laying near water.) Nonetheless, I will have flights and sailing days and who know what could happen so I need sufficient reading materials. Instead of a Kindle or a Nook, I have an adorable little book bag from Hyperion's Voice, and I have 4 enormous mass market books (two over 1000 pages!) Why is this such a terrible problem? I won't have to turn my book off when I take off or land, I won't have to worry about being out a ton of money if it's stolen (and seriously, who's going to steal a super-beat-up used copy of an old book?) or falls in the pool, and these are books I already own and want to read, and would have to rebuy at great expense to own them electronically. Not to mention, I'd need to have the cute tote bag anyway, for my bottled water, iPod, suntan lotion, and snacks. I just don't see this as a big deal. I am very, very much looking forward to my enormous beach reads, in print. Here is the list:

Shogun: A Novel of Japan
by James Clavell
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
Homeland by John Jakes

I did a similar trick over Christmas, and it worked like a charm. If they were hardcovers, then it would be a problem, I agree. But I don't have to read hardcovers, or even trade paperbacks. Even though mass market's aren't very popular these days for non-genre fiction, there are still some available, or you can always find them used like I did. Fat mass markets are not very heavy, don't take up much room, and although I'm only taking 4 books for 8 days, I'm pretty sure I'll not run out of reading. If I do, there are always gift shops. Oh, and my cruise ship has a TWO STORY LIBRARY on it. If I wasn't already sold on the cruise line and the ship, that clinched it for me.


Unknown said...

All good and valid reasons.
I'd still bring my nook though, LOL

Enjoy you vacation.


Teacher/Learner said...

I had to laugh at the phrase "turn off the book" :D I like your strategizing, taking huge mass market paperbacks. Enjoy your trip & reading material!

Bev Hankins said...

I'm totally on your side....I'm no fan of e-books. Give me a hard copy any day.

Kathy said...

Thank you for showing the titles. As I was reading your post, I was thinking, "I need to see the titles" :D Great choices, BTW!!
Pay it forward and leave your books (when you've finished) behind so another reader can enjoy them, as well.
A cruise ship with a two story library... it doesn't get much better than that!!
Have a great trip!!

Unknown said...

I love to hear another e-book holdout! I haven't seen the allure yet. I still want to curl up in a chair and actually turn pages. Have a great time!

The Book Chick said...

I have a Sony Reader, which I adore, but there will always be room for "real" books as well. My hubby saw me reading a paperback last night and asked me why he bought me a reader if I was still going to read hardcopies, LOL. Funny man, I'll never give up hard copies, I'll just read both!