Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book Review: Home-Based Business For Dummies by Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards, and Peter Economy

Normally when I read a Dummies book, I don't read it straight through, cover to cover like a novel, but I did with this one. I really wanted to be sure to get the maximum advice

Like all Dummies books, this one is chock full of useful information, and also some general common sense. It's written simply, in a way so as to not intimidate, but to give you the most information at a basic level. It was helpful and I did get some tips (or more often, validation of what I was already doing/thinking). But, it was a bit focused in its scope. I couldn't count how many times they advised potential entrepreneurs to stay at their current job and do the home-based business on the side for as long as possible, to build up customer base and revenue stream before quitting. Well, this book was just revised last year and does mention the current economic downturn, so why does it never acknowledge that some of us have decided to start up our own businesses after an unsuccessful job search? "Keep your day job" isn't very good advice if a lot of the people in your audience already don't have one.

That said, it is a thorough guide, albeit very general both in advice which can't be tailored to your type of business, and also to legalities which vary considerably state-to-state. I am glad to have read it, I am going to keep it as a reference, but I have gotten the bulk of advice on my company from networking and talking with other friends/associates who already have gone through the process. Like all Dummies books, great to have if you're starting at square one, probably a little simplistic if you're at square two.

I bought this book from my local independent bookstore.


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