Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Beginnings on Friday: Bad Land

Book Beginnings on Friday is a meme originally hosted by Katy from A Few More Pages but now hosted by Gilion at Rose City Reader. Anyone can participate; just share the opening sentence of your current read, making sure that you include the title and author so others know what you're reading.

Bad Land: An American Romance by Jonathan Raban

"Breasting the regular swells of land, on a red dirt road as true as a line of longitude, the car was like a boat at sea."

I like how he overtly uses the usual metaphor of the plains being like the ocean, but subtly also hints at the (hoped for) fertility in "breasting" and "swells" to remind us of breasts.


Chris Thompson said...

It's interesting, too, the way the author uses the simile of a boat at sea, because from the picture it looks like there isn't much in the way of water nearby, considering the lack of vegetation.

Here's my Book Beginnings.

Amy said...

I like this too. The contrast between the sea and the American plains, particularly the Badlands, is really effective.

Amber said...

I like the image of a red dirt road...it makes me think of a journey that's about to happen.

Very cool. I think I'll look into this one a bit more. Love the title and cover.

Juli Rahel said...

Since most of the metaphores have already picked up on, I'll just say I like books that start with a journey. It means that the author is forced to go somewhere with his story and not just linger in one place or one kind of narrative! Thanks for sharing
Juli @ Universe in Words