Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Book Club!

I am already in one book club, and while I love it, I've always thought one was plenty. But then my chapter of the Women's National Book Association said they wanted to start a book club, which is focused on the Great Group Reads selections, and I was hooked.

I thought that if I took notes at the meeting and wrote it all up, then people who don't belong to a book club could see what it is like. I've found that non-members are reluctant to join because of the unknown, so here's a little more knowledge! If you're interested in book clubs but not sure if it's for you, if you are curious what aspects of books are discussed, or just interested in what a different book club might be like than your own, my write up is here, on our website. The first discussion was about I Married You For Happiness by Lily Tuck. The next one is tonight and it's on The Orchardist by Amanda Copeland. Hopefully this time it won't take me a month to write it up, but I make no promises!

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