Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Beginnings: American Ghost by Janis Owens

Book Beginnings on Friday is a meme hosted by Gilion at Rose City Reader. Anyone can participate; just share the opening sentence of your current read, making sure that you include the title and author so others know what you're reading.

American Ghost by Janis Owens

"Though rumors of Jolie Hoyt's star-crossed romance with Sam Lense would dog her reputation for many years to come, in truth their grand affaire was a little short of grand: barely three months long, and as quickly ended as it had begin."

"Star-crossed" is always an intriguing phrase, and I am wondering who this Jolie is, that a short affair would affect her reputation for years.

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Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

That is exactly the kind of detailed opening sentence that I love. It gives a little nutshell outline of the whole story. Terrific!

Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings on Friday!

Rose City Reader