Monday, July 27, 2015

Book Review: I Regret Nothing: A Memoir by Jen Lancaster

I got on the Jen Lancaster wagon a little late--which meant when I did I was lucky enough to have a backlog of several memoirs to read. Then I got bogged down and I did recently buy but haven't yet read her last one, The Tao of Martha, when the newest one, which I had on hold at the library, came in! So out of order, oops. But I don't think I missed much, except for the death of her beloved dog, Maisie.

In this book Jen does something she has set out to do several times in the past, and I think for the very first time she truly is successful: improve herself. While she had a book about losing weight, she really kind of didn't. And she had a book about trying to be more cultured, where she did go to more museums and plays but essentially remained the same. In this book she seems to have a bit of a revelation. She comes to realize that she shouldn't necessarily aim to "lose weight" but to be healthier. And she shouldn't try to "learn a foreign language" just to seem smart, but so she can travel (and she should also travel more.) She starts to appreciate life improvements for the improvements that they truly are, rather than the appearance of improvement they might give. She looks at her friends, and sees that some of them really seem happy (or at least happier than her) and instead of trying to copy what they're doing, she tries to emulate their outlooks on life and their big-picture goals. This seems to work so much better!

Don't get me wrong. I love bitter and angry Jen. And obviously in her first book she got her finances in order in a big way which was a huge accomplishment. But in this book she really seems to be growing and I want to give her a lot of credit. She travels to Italy. She meets with both a therapist and a nutritionist about her food issues instead of trying to diet. She finds a new hobby that can be a second income for her and Fletch (and that involves him as well). She's still very sarcastic and hasn't lost her edge, but she's not so angry all the time which is refreshing and makes me think that she's a little happier, which makes me happy. If you like Jen, you'll love her latest. If you haven't read her before, I'd start at the beginning with Bitter is the New Black, but if you pick up this one first, you'll still really enjoy.

I checked this book out of the library.

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