Monday, September 5, 2016

Visting NJ Bookstores!

Since I've moved to NJ, a fairly smallish state, I picked up this bookmark at [words] in Maplewood, and it lists all the bookstores in NJ (although I presume there are probably more used bookstores than are listed here, as I know there's one right here in Montclair that isn't listed. And it states these are the bookstores who participated in 2016's Independent Bookstore Day).

I've been to two, and I plan to visit all of them. I don't know how long it will take—if I were to do all of them in a year, that would take a concerted effort. But I will try to get to them all within the next couple of years. So far the two I've visited are [words] and Watchung Booksellers. Heck this bookstore that posted the article linked above says if you visit 10 and post selfies of yourself there with the bookmark, they'll give you 20% off your purchase, so that's totally worth it.

Yay! A bookstore tour! I think I will go to one later today.

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