Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Book review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, narrated by Rebecca Lowman and Maxwell Caulfield (audio)

This was so great! I think Rainbow Rowell's books are so terrific on audio. I wasn't sure about alternating narrators, but it completely makes sense here. The main narrator is telling the story of Cath, whereas the male British narrator reads her fan fiction that she writes about a Harry Potter-esque school for magical kids, so it really works.

Cath has just started college and she was horrified to discover that her twin sister, Wren, didn't want to live with her. Wren wants to have a more normal college experience and doesn't want to be known as "the twin," and wants to have an easier time distinguishing herself. Cath wants none of these things, but she is stuck with a roommate, Reagan, an angry sophomore whose boyfriend, Levi, is always hanging out (sometimes when Reagan isn't even there.) Cath continues to write her "Simon Snow" fanfiction, partly because that's just who she is, but also partly as a coping method.

This is a wonderful book about how the transition to college can be difficult. It deals with the fact the home life (including home problems) still continue even though you're away, and a search for identity (if reluctant), and how sometimes good things can happen to like friends and--oh my, the last thing Cath expects--even maybe a boyfriend! Cath's voice really rings true, her experiences feel all too real, and it really slingshotted me back in time, to my own college days. Every high school senior should read this. And really, just everyone should because Rainbow Rowell is awesome.

I checked this eaudiobook out of the library via Overdrive.

This book is published by Macmillan, my employer.

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