Thursday, January 18, 2018

Book Review: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson (audio)

My husband has been listening to podcasts with Neil deGrasse Tyson which reminded me that I wanted to listen to this (I was a very long reserve list) and then we saw him briefly in Batman vs. Superman last week as himself, which was fun. While the topic may seem too difficult for an audio, I really think it was the perfect format. This book is very specifically written to not be too dense or too mathy or too esoteric, so you won't get lost in the audio. And his voice is just so mellifluous! I wish he'd read more audiobooks, other people's audiobooks! Although that would leave him less time for science, which would be a shame.

This is a perfect book for someone like me who is not very sciency and yet likes to know a little bit about everything. The audio also does a fabulous job of conveying Tyson's enthusiasm for his material, which I think helps any non-sciency people with hanging in there. And of course, it has some of my favorite stuff: random trivia! Did you know that the moon is 1/400 the size of the sun, but it is 400 times closer to us, which is why they appear the same size? This rather odd stroke of luck is how we can have total eclipses. Other planets don't have those, because their moon(s) all appear larger or smaller than the sun--not the same size. And before naming conventions had really solidified (you may have noticed all the other planets are named for Roman gods), the guy who discovered Neptune wanted to name it George. That would have been odd. And my favorite, the moon Europa is one of the more likely places we might find living creatures. And if we did, they'd be called... Europeans!

A nice little dash of accessible, fun science, told by your favorite science guy. What more can you want?

I downloaded this eaudiobook from the library via Overdrive.

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