Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Review: Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline is hugely popular in my neck of the woods (she's from Philadelphia) and when one of my bookstores has an event with her, they often sell more than 100 books, so I figured I ought to give one a shot.

Eric is a doctor at a hospital outside Philadelphia in the psychiatric unit. One day a fellow doctor from the ER asks him to talk with a teenage boy, Max, whose grandmother is dying, as a favor. Eric decides to see Max in his private practice. Meanwhile, his soon-to-be-ex wife turns out to be selling his house out from under him, is pushing their daughter into sports she won't enjoy, and deciding to ramp the divorce up a notch. Then a student files a sexual assault claim against him. And then the teenage girl that Max was obsessed with turns up dead, and when Eric starts looking into it, he becomes a suspect himself.

The events really spiraled. The book's pace was pretty zippy and it was hard to put down. That said, some of it felt like too much and contrived. The whole book takes place over the course of less than a week which was a pretty short time frame for some of the relationships. And at times, Eric felt a little dumb, when I think the author was using him as a mouthpiece for explaining something technical to readers, but it made it seem like he was stupid (could he really not understand what was meant by something not being in the scope of a search warrant that he had to ask about it multiple times? C'mon buddy, watch some Law & Order.) And for me, I felt like the very ending went off the rails. The book was fun, but the last two chapters got rather eye-rolling and even more contrived and hard to believe. If you can overlook that sort of thing for the sake of a twisty thriller, then this is good stuff. Aside from the ending, it was great when I was seasick and didn't want to think too much or do anything.

I downloaded this eaudiobook from the library via Overdrive. It is published by me employer.

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