Thursday, March 22, 2018

Book Review: We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (audio)

This slight book contains a massive amount of information in the slim pages between its covers. Everyone should read it (after all, it won't take any significant time at all.) And the audio is really great to hear it in Adichie's own words. In fact, I'd even recommend the audio as something for families to listen to. Some of the book might be a little hard on its own for younger kids to get, but in her reading, the slows down for the complicated bits, and her intonation helps a lot with providing context. Also some parts which take place in Africa might need more explanation from adults. But I think this would be a great read for preteens and teenagers.

It's rather simple in a lot of ways. She explains that being a feminist doesn't mean holding women to he higher or better than men, but it does mean that we have a lot of work to do--all of us, men included--to fix problems, make up for past unfairness, and set up society to go forward with to much more even, fair future where girls and women have the same opportunities as men without extra responsibilities, assumptions, or work. This book doesn't need to be longer. Because this is not a difficult or complicated concept. Men and women should be treated the same in the same situations, and that's pretty much it. She gives concrete examples, and tells how and when her own eyes were opened, and some stories about seeing or experiencing sexism. But it really is just simple. We should all be equal. End of story.

I downloaded this book on Cloud Library via my local library.

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