Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Book Review: Zombie Abbey by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

This book is very, very much Downtown Abbey with zombies. A wealthy family in England with three daughters and estate entailed away if the oldest doesn't marry well and quickly, sounds very familiar. Even the personalities are similar. A big difference comes with the servants, who don't seem to bear much resemblance to their Downton-counterparts. And a stableboy plays a big role, who is not featured at all in the TV show.

And just as the whole marriage-plot starts to get off the ground with multiple potential suitors for the oldest daughter up for the weekend, a zombie appears. Of course, they people at the Abbey don't know what's going on a first, and it's only after a third person dies a horrible and dramatic death as a zombie that they finally figure out what's going on, and try to come up with a plan. Meanwhile, the healthy townspeople show up and are also let into the Abbey which is now quite crowded. And then...

Well, apparently there will be a sequel! I am not a fan of reading a book in a series and then having to wait and wait (my memory is terrible, especially for details.) But I've certainly got to read the next book to find out how they get out of this mess (and who each of the daughters will marry.) Just good old silly fun, quite enjoyable, so long as you're not expecting much substance.

This book is published by Entangled Teen, a part of Macmillan Press, my employer.

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