Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sidelines! Or, some crazy shit I bought last month.

I have been able, over years of practice, to mostly resist books when I am in bookstores. I have a long list of books to buy, an insanely long list of books that I already own that I haven't read yet (over 450), I have dozens of books on my iPad to read for work, and I often can get books I want for free from a publishing friend.

Sidelines, however, are another story. I can't get those for free. I often don't see the same ones from one store to another so I can't think about it and get it at a later visit (unless I'm willing to wait until next season.) Not all stores have strong sidelines departments, but the good ones do. Sidelines have the margin books don't and really help the stores keep their doors open. Ideally, they are good matches to books, and often are even cross-shelved with books mixed in. Often they even have a direct tie-in such as bookmarks, bookends, and reading glasses. My job is great for any gift-giving seasons. And then, I sometimes just can't resist and must buy things!

I did do Mother's Day shopping at one of my stores. Here were a few options (and you'll see books mixed into the display if you look at the sides.)

These were just hilarious/adorable. And really, this was just buying more cat toys for Turkey. The minion with the straw hat already has one fewer foot.

And some of these are just so ludicrous, so delightfully bizarre, that I know Jordan will freak out, and I can't resist that!

These were for me:

So, if you are in need of a gift or want something fun for yourself, think of independent bookstores! They tend to have very fun options.

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