Saturday, June 23, 2018

Book Review: Chadwick's Epic Revenge by Lisa Doan

Chadwick has been teased and bullied by Terry, who he likes to call "Nile Crocodile" (hoping that will catch on as a nickname), so he's thrilled when over the summer, he hears that Terry flunked and won't be in his grade next year. He puts a plan into action to try to slowly infiltrate the group of kids at the pool that includes the girl he likes. He doesn't move fast but by the end of the summer, the girl seems to sometimes know who he is, and he considers that a huge success. But then, he gets knocked two steps back when school starts and... Terry is there! Turns out Terry started the rumor himself, in order to fool Chadwick, who he knew would be shocked on seeing him on the first day.

Chadwick is determined to get revenge. He was going to have the best year ever and now Terry is ruining it! Terry starts rumors about Chadwick that stick, and somehow Terry is even becoming popular and even, oh no, does the cute girl like him too? It's the worst! And Chadwick can't stand for it!

With the help of his best friend he comes up with a plan. And it's epic. He'd just better hope it doesn't blow up in his face. And maybe he might also learn that bullying a bully just makes you... a bully. Is that really the best revenge?

This review is a part of Kid Konnection, hosted by Booking Mama, a collection of children's book-related posts over the weekend.

I got this book for free from my work, as it is published by Roaring Brook, a division of Macmillan.

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