Monday, December 31, 2018

Carin's Best Book of 2018

Who was I kidding? I knew what my best book of the year was the minute I read it, even though that was in January. I spent the whole year both hoping to have a better book (because how awesome would that be?) and knowing it was unlikely.

But my favorite book this year was definitely The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal, the first in the Lady Astronaut series. I even read the short story which was written first (but which comes last) which won the Hugo, and I hate short stories (the exception proves the rule!) I dove into the second book, The Fated Sky, right away and stayed up past 1:00 AM to finish it despite being pretty sick at the time.

And I am most elated to be able to provide an update which was not true at the time I wrote my original review: there will be more Lady Astronaut books! I did not just assume--I asked the editor. And at that time more were not planned. But they now are not only planned, they're contracted so are going to happen! Book 3 is coming in 2020 and book 4 in 2022. I am so excited!

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