Saturday, June 15, 2019

Book Review: This Was Our Pact by Ryan Andrews

Every year, Ben's town has a celebration for Autumn during which they release hundreds of lanterns to float down the river. This year, Ben and his friends are determined to find out where the lanterns end up. Nathaniel, who is only friends with Ben, not the rest of the group, tags along. Which is annoying at first, but when the other friends drop out despite their pact, it turns out to be a good thing. Then the book starts to take on a fantastical tone. As the two boys encounter a fisherbear, a little witch, and the history behind the lantern tradition, the world gets more and more amazing. But when they get lost and can't find their way back to the river on their own, they have to rely on each other (which Ben sometimes resents) and more importantly, trust.

This is a beautiful graphic novel that didn't at all go where I thought it was going to go. It starts off feeling like Stand By Me, but ends up in a bizarrely awesome fantasy land. I especially liked the fisherbear.

This review is a part of Kid Konnection, hosted by Booking Mama, a collection of children's book-related posts over the weekend.

This book is published by First Second, a division of Macmillan, my employer.

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