Sunday, July 28, 2019

Book Review: The Story of the Great British Bake Off by Anita Singh

I adore the TV show The Great British Bake-Off. I've seen all the specials and all the Master Classes. I have read numerous blog posts about the show. I have researched if there's any way for an American to watch the first two seasons which have never been released here. I watch it over and over. I have my favorite bakers, and the one I hate. It's so comforting and reliable and delightful and of course, looks quite yummy. Hasn't inspired me to bake yet, but it's come close. And I haven't baked in years so that's saying something.

I was of course worried for the last two seasons when Mary Berry and the two original hosts all left after a dispute with the BBC, but when I heard the new judge was Prue Leith, I breathed a sigh of relief, and the two new hosts have proven quite amusing as well.

This book is a couple of years old, so it does explain the whole dispute, but ends just before the season with all the new people. I can't believe I didn't hear about this book when it first published, but it's published by a rather obscure publisher. They did a gorgeous job with full-color full bleed pages, beautifully designed, with a paper over board cover that's both gifty and won't get abused like a jacket would. The text explains everything and somehow imitates the faintly snarky but mostly polite and kind feel of the show itself. It's just so very British. I wish it had been twice as long, is my only critique. (It's not short, I just wanted loads more gossip and backstage trivia and tales among the bakers.)

I bought this book at my local independent bookstore, Watchung Booksellers, on Independent Bookstore Day.

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