Thursday, August 8, 2019

Book Review: Cross Stitch The Golden Girls: 12 Patterns Inspired by Your Favorite Sassy Seniors by Haley Pierson-Cox

I was in one of my accounts, waiting for my buyers to meet me for my appointment, and I was browsing just outside of the room where we meet which is also where the Receiver works. I was looking at candles or soaps when I heard the Receiver say to another employee, "What on earth is this? Cross-Stitch the Golden Girls!?"

My head whipped around and I practically ran into the room. I snatched it out of  her hand and hugged it to my chest. I announced I was buying this right now. She said she actually needed it back to receive it before I could buy it, and I reluctantly peeled my fingers from the cover to let her do her job.

This isn't a book that you read. It's a book that you do. About 40 pages of book are in the front, with a paper over board cover, attached to a box, in which you'll find 2 squares of Aida fabric, an embroidery hoop, a needle, and 7 colors of thread--enough to do 2 of the patterns (but not any two patterns. Two specific patterns.) If you don't know how to cross-stitch, there are instructions.

I did one of the preselected patterns, "As They Say In St. Olaf," and then I broke out my own DMC floss in order to do the cover pattern as well with the four women sitting on the sofa, which uses about 15 colors of thread. Here are my finished (but unframed) products:

I could not be more delighted with this fun booklet of Golden Girls cross-stitch patterns. It actually got me to pick back up the giant cross-stitch I've been working on for ten years but which I have had put away for the last year. My best book purchase this year!

I bought this book at Browseabout Books in Rehobeth Beach, DE.

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