Thursday, July 16, 2020

Book Review: This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Medical Resident by Adam Kay (audiobook)

Adam became a doctor. He picked it when he was 16 and in the UK, there's not a lot of room for looking back or changing course from there on out. Some terminology is different (I was surprised by the fact that once a doctor finishes up all of what we call the internship and residency, he or she stops going by Dr. Kay and goes back to Mr. Kay which is somehow better.)

He quickly settles on ob/gyn as his specialty through process of elimination, and he's quite good at it. But it takes a real toll. The hours are brutal, babies are unexpected, complications are myriad, and there's no room left for emotions or a personal life. Luckily Mr. Kay kept both a journal and his sense of humor.

You can't be especially squeamish to read (or listen) to this book as the number and variety of bizarre things people will stuff up inside themselves is astounding. Along the way, though, you do hear numerous stories that will make you smile, laugh, occasionally be sad, and will give a great deal of appreciation for all of your physicians from here on out. They are human. And this is a tough job. Thankfully, parts of it are funny. Although the other parts are why Mr. Kay isn't a doctor anymore. But he's also a good writer!

I borrowed this digital audiobook from my local library via Libby/Overdrive.

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