Thursday, April 22, 2021

Book Review: The Best Worst Summer by Elizabeth Eulberg

Peyton's family has moved from Minneapolis to a small town four hours away, which means she's had to leave her best friend Lily. She doesn't know anyone and she has nothing to do. While weeding in the backyard (that's how bored she is), she digs up a shoebox full of stuff. And finds that a couple of eleven-year-old girls, just like her and Lily, made a time capsule in 1989! There's a mysterious note written in code, a couple of weird rectangles she can't figure out (a mix tape and a disc film cartridge), half a best friends necklace, and a note with an abject apology that it seems like never got to its intended. 

At the library, where her father has tracked down a cassette player, Peyton meets Lucas, who joins in her quest to figure out who the two girls were, and track them down to return their stuff. 

Back in 1989, Melissa and Jessica are determined to have the best summer ever! They're eating hamburgers and gushing over New Kids on the Block. But one of them has a family secret that will ruin everything. 

Will Peyton and Lucas be able to puzzle out the mystery of that summer over 30 years ago? What happened to Melissa and Jessica? And can Peyton and Lily keep their own friendship from falling apart? This is a cute middle grade book with a lot of energy and fun, but with more serious themes at its heart.

This book is published by Bloomsbury, which is distributed by Macmillan, my employer.

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