Sunday, May 2, 2021

Book Review: Brat: An '80s Story by Andrew McCarthy

As a child of the 1980s, I grew up on all the typical '80s movies (although my mother didn't want me to watch Sixteen Candles because I wasn't 16 yet! Argh! So I watched them all a little late.) While Pretty in Pink isn't my favorite. I did find Andrew McCarthy VERY appealing and he truly won me over in Weekend at Bernies. Larry's relaxed, practical, devil-may-care attitude was something I needed more of in my life. (My all-time favorite of his roles though was in The Joy Luck Club which was in the 1990s and so isn't discussed here.) The whole time I lived in New York, I hoped I'd run into him. I'm not that into celebrities and kind of jaded, but he was the one I always hoped for (and alas, didn't get.) 

It's so refreshing to read his memoir of his childhood, his realization that he really wanted to act, and how he got there (some luck, some persistence, and some good timing.) He never really was in "The Brat Pack." (In fact, in the article where that phrase was coined, the other three male leads from St. Elmo's Fire were dissing Andrew who had not been invited to their party/interview.) And in fact, him staying in New York City instead of ever joining the California crowd aside from shooting, probably helped keep him sane. 

This was a lovely combo of thoughtful looking back, some nostalgia tinged with reality, and the nice realization that the guy I had a crush on for many years was actually a pretty decent guy (if too old for me but what did we know back then.) An excellent celebrity memoir. If only they all were this well-written.

I got this for free from a friend who works at the publishing house, Hachette.

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