Sunday, February 14, 2010

Book Review: C D B! by William Steig

This is a really cute book. It's one of my Mom's favorite from when we were kids. Boy, Steig was ahead of his time. I look at these cartoons, and I keep thinking about text messaging. They say things like:

D C-L S N D C.
translation: The seal is in the sea.

D L-F-N 8 D A
translation: The elephant ate the hay.

Even though it's a tiny book, it takes a little while to read because on every page you have to figure it out. It's pretty interesting for when kids are learning to read, for them to understand that the sounds of letters can have different meaning than the sounds of words, introduces wordplay which can help children be advanced readers. When they figure out the riddles, they feel like they're in on the joke and hopefully it's so much fun for them that don't even notice all the thinking.

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Julie P. said...

What a great idea for a book. Kind of like trying to figure out license plates! I think this is a really fun way to get kids to think out of the box.