Monday, February 22, 2010

Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays is hosted by Just One More Page and today's theme is about what you do with all those books you collect over the years.

Do you keep all the books you buy over the years? Do you just keep the ones you really enjoy or the ones you have a particular fondness? Do you keep certain series or do you keep them? What do you do with them if you don't keep them?

Like a lot of people in our business, I live in constant fear of dying in an avalanche of my own creation. I get rid of very nearly all the books I read.

These are what I keep:
  • a shelf of all the books I edited
  • my Lit books from high school and college
  • my cartoon books that I love for particularly blue days
  • lovely antique classics
  • My Book House Books
  • a couple of shelves of my favorite authors
  • a couple of shelves of childhood favorites
In the past year I have added a grand total of 2 books to the Keep shelves. I generally try to find my books good homes, but I will also donate them. Habitat for Humanity runs a used bookshop in my town so my donations support them and I think they're a great cause. It's also a very cute store.
On the plus side, when the avalanche does happen, as I lie bleeding to death with a compound fractured leg, I will at least not die bored.

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Anonymous said...

I am afraid I keep far to much, seriously thinking about a cull at the moment, but then I keep thinking maybe I will re-read that paperback or maybe my daughter may read it, excuses.