Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book Review: Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace

I will admit, I had never read these books. So I’m starting with the first one, and it was adorable.

For those (like me until this morning) who are unfamiliar:
Betsy and Tacy are five-year-old best friends in the early 1900s in a small town. They climb trees, start school, play dress-up, and deal with the death of Tacy's baby sister. This is the first in a 10-book series that follows the girls as they grow up.

I love that the book is called Betsy-Tacy because the two girls were always together so when their families would call for them, they’d call “Betsy-Tacy!” I can actually hear that call in my head and it makes me smile. I also loved how Betsy basically just decided she was going to be friends with Tacy, and aside from their initial disastrous meeting, that’s exactly what happened. Children can be so determined and open that way. I wish I’d had a piano box to play in, and their dress-up clothes sound fabulous (although my Mom’s old ‘60s/’70s clothes were pretty fun too.) The book gives me the warm, homey feeling of Our Town. I wish I could climb trees, have picnics, and play paperdolls with Betsy and Tacy. The very end when Tacy helps reassure Betsy after her baby sister is born really is what makes the book perfect, as it shows there is balance in the relationship, and it’s not just Betsy bossing Tacy around. I am eager to read the rest of these darling books.

This review is a part of Kid Konnection, hosted by Booking Mama, a collection of children's book-related posts over the weekend.


Cath said...

I used to love these books! I'm glad you liked it, too. :)

Julie P. said...

I just discovered these as an adult and I loved them. Thanks for sharing! Don't forget to link to the Kid Konnection Mr. Linky.

Debbie said...

Me too!! I just read the first one a few months ago... I think I've just finished the 3rd.
I will buy this collection for one of my grandaughters. (they all get different collections of books, lest you think I'm partial to one)

Book Club Girl said...

I'm so glad you discovered Betsy-Tacy! I'm a lifelong (rather obsessed fan). Keep reading as the series gets better and better - the books really grow with a girl as she's reading and the ones where Betsy hits high school (Heaven to Betsy and beyond) are amazing!

Nikki Thornton said...

Liked your post. Someday I hope to write a book where the royalties will pay for the copies I give away.

Jen at Introverted Reader said...

I loved these when I was little, but I honestly don't remember a thing about them now. I should go back and re-read them sometime!