Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Review: The Tall Book by Arianne Cohen

Arianne is 6'2". I am completely average: 5'6". But I have a very good girlfriend who is nearly 5'11". And a guy friend who is 6'4". My tall girlfriend also has three very tall children and I noticed how gleeful she is about their height and how the kids also seem to take pride in it, not feel self-conscious about it. So when I ran across this book, it intrigued me.

This isn't a memoir. It's actually a book ABOUT tall-ness and being tall. Ms. Cohen looks into the biology, the social aspects, the history, the medical issues, tall clubs, tall fetishes, and gigantism. She isn't afraid to get technical, but the book is completely accessible and fun. Did you know tall people earn more money? That's pretty well-known but it's less-well-known that they also cost more (food, clothing). It's definitely an enjoyable read for a non-tall, and when I get onto my plane Wednesday, I will be grateful to my 50th percentile femur length.

Oh also, it's in a taller-than-standard trim size which I just loved.

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Unknown said...

I read this book recently and loved it! I'm 5'10, and my son is 6'8" and he's only 16!