Thursday, March 4, 2010

Booking Through Thursday

The Booking Through Thursday weekly question is...

In honor of National Grammar Day … it IS “March Fourth” after all … do you have any grammar books? Punctuation? Writing guidelines? Style books?
More importantly, have you read them?
How do you feel about grammar in general? Important? Vital? Unnecessary? Fussy?

Oh, I love grammar. I've been called a Grammar Nazi many, many times. And I'm okay with it. In fact, I take it as a compliment (I do not care if that's how it's meant.)

I have a dictionary (Webster's Unabridged), a Roget's Thesaurus, and the Chicago Manual of Style. I do reference them. In fact, I once basically read the entire Thesaurus while trying to come up with a book title. I have read Woe Is I by Patricia O'Conner; Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynne Truss; and Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies by June Casagrande. I have strong opinions about the serial comma (pro), and good/well. I am trying to do better at less/fewer. Today I sent my best friend a card that asks if "butt naked" or "buck naked" is correct (hehe). There's really no excuse for poor grammar and bad spelling but sloppiness and laziness.


Lori said...

I have been on the receiving end of grammar nazis for awhile now. I am immune. :) Here's mine

Amy said...

I have lots of grammar books, but sadly I still fail most of the time! I have Diane Hacker's Bedford Handbook, as well as the Heath Handbook that are both good. I have the two Lynne Truss books as well as "A Grammar Book for You and I". I have one of the Bill Walsh books, "Lapsing into a Comma" as well.

I guess my problem is that much of the writing I love, the fast paced stuff, isn't always grammatically correct. More informal in many ways. I'm actually taking an English 101 at my local community college as a refresher.