Thursday, March 11, 2010

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday hosts a weekly bookish question here.

Today's question is:
How do you feel about illustrations in your books? Graphs? Photos? Sketches?

Funny, last night I finished a book that was illustrated throughout, even though that's not as common middle reader books. It was The Twenty-One Balloons, and the illustrations both made the era come alive (1890s) but also some of the explanations of the inventions and the ballooning details would have been pretty confusing without illustrations. Obviously these aren't as common in adult books, but I pretty much always like them. I think they're great in humor books, essential in cookbooks, and can be helpful in technical nonfiction. Some people I assume might not like them because of the issue with how characters might look different in the illustrations than how the reader has pictured them but as I mentioned in my post about movie tie-in books, I pretty much never picture the characters as I'm reading so that isn't a problem for me. They also can help me zip through a book more quickly, and that always helps. I love the ego boost I get from reading fast. It encourages me to read more.

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Carin said...

I agree with you that they make you read faster. I'm reading through Stephen King's Dark Tower series and there are a few illustrations in each book. I end up reading as fast as possible to see what the next illustration will be (although sadly, sometimes the illustration is a spoiler).

I also posted back to you on my blog about Chapter 11 in Middlesex. Let me know what you think when you get a chance to read it.