Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Favorite Reads: Confessions of a Teen Sleuth

My Favorite Reads
Each week I am featuring one of my favorite reads from the past. April is National Humor Month, so that's what I'm focusing on all month.

Confessions of a Teen Sleuth by Chelsea Cain

Summary (from the publisher):
"If you are reading this, then I am gone and this manuscript, per my instruction, has been delivered to the writer Chelsea Cain for publication as she sees fit..."

America's favorite girl detective is back to set the record straight. According to our titian-haired heroine, she was not a fictional character, but an intrepid real-life sleuth who investigated some of the twentieth century's biggest mysteries. And the famous series she starred in was not cooked up by a team of writers, but plagiarized from her exploits by a nosy college roommate-who, not surprisingly, got a whole lot wrong.

Here are the daring escapes, brilliant hunches, and dependable stock characters, including interlopers from numerous other beloved series, that have delighted generations of fans. And here, also, are the details of teen-sleuth life that you never saw: the secret romances, reckless driving, minor drinking problems, political action, and domestic drama that have, up till now, remained hidden from these brave detectives' adoring public.

Why I chose this book:
What a hilariously silly idea with a terrific execution: the memoir of Nancy Drew. Her roommate at Vassar, Carolyn Keene, stole Nancy's stories and got a lot of the details wrong so here Nancy sets the story straight, and also explains what happened after. Did she marry Ned? Did she have children? What were the Hardy boys really like? Who secretly hated Bess? Why did Nurse Cherry Ames have a vendetta against Nancy? All these questions and more are answered in Nancy's (Ms. Cain's) rollicking tale. It had me roaring with laughter.

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Alyce said...

This sounds like a fun idea for a story! I haven't heard of it before, but knew it was obviously about Nancy Drew when they mentioned the "titian" hair color in the description. :)