Thursday, October 28, 2010

What are your favorite Classics?

I love lists of books, and list of Classics are the only ones where I can reasonably expect that I've read more than 2. When I think of Classics, I usually think of Penguin Classics. Their orange spines are so easy to pick out on the shelves! I do like to look at all the different jacket treatments for classics, as they can vary wildly, and it's so neat to see different people's ideas of how a character looks or how a book is best represented.

Penguin Classics did a list last year of the Best Classics, but they had a lot of protests and so are doing a survey this year! Get in there and vote for your favorites! I voted a couple of weeks ago. They want to whittle it down to the ten essential Classics. TEN!?!? Seriously, get your opinion heard! And you've got to do it now, because the deadline is Nov. 1. The shortlist of 25 will be announced in November.

After you vote, you can register to win a gift bag with an assortment of Penguin classic books. I am hoping of course to win a few classics that are on my long TBR list such as Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina, Cranford, and The Woman in White. The list of potential books is very, very long though! I also totally want some of these Penguin mugs. Aren't they cute? My Christmas list is already growing

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tediousandbrief said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!

I actually haven't read enough of these. A lot of them are on my long to-read list. I did actually just read one, Bonjour Trisesse by Fracoise Sagan, but that one isn't on the list.

I found some of those Penguin mugs on sale for pretty reasonable prices, but they all seem to ship from England. Which mugs would you want?