Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unable to Stop Acquiring

So, when I got laid off in August, I thought this is perfect. My book cases at home had recently overflowed onto two piles, and I now had lots of time to read, combined with not as many opportunities to get free books. And the idea of paying for books seemed quite silly partly because of my lack of income. And yet, it has happened.

First, it was my volunteering at the Friends of the Library Book Sale. We got paid in books. Seriously. We got a $4 credit for every hour we volunteered. I volunteered for about 6 days. I tried to not accumulate too many by getting books for J. and A., but I did end up with 4 (not to mention, J. has convinced me to read 2 of the books I got for him, which defeated the purpose of me getting books for him and not me.) Then I went by a used book store to drop off fliers - ended up with 2 more books. Next, I found out that a Borders is going out of business. I've been by twice to take advantage of their sales (seriously, it would be criminal not to!) Now most of the books I've bought there have been gifts but... 6 more were for me. I also had to get my book club book - forgetting that it is probably a better idea for me to check it out of the library. I've just been so used to owning books that the library honestly didn't cross my mind. So I now have 13 books I've acquired since my lay-off. Luckily I've managed to read 24 books in that same period, so I am gaining ground. Now if only I can stay away from bookstores for the next few months. I am determined to make a dent in my piles. And to get my piles down to one pile. I could go through my books and cull, but since I'm out of work, the idea of getting rid of books I've not yet read isn't as appealing, even if the odds of me getting around to all of these books is slim to none.
Wish me luck! I'm off to read.


Teacher/Learner said...

You're right, it would be impossible to completely bypass a going-out-of-business sale at Borders. IM-possible :D I also forget about my public library because it has shrunk considerably in recent years :(

Rebecca Chapman said...

You sound so much like me. I promised myself that in the moneth of November I would go on a book buying ban because I had 1 1/2 full length book cases of books I hadn't read.

But then they opened a temporary Angus and Robertson outlet near my work where all the books were $5. I went twice a week and all up bought almost 40 books in 4 weeks.

I had to hide them from my other half and secretly add them to the shelves so that he wouldn't notice :-)

Danielle Zappavigna said...

I wish you all the best for staying strong, but I have never managed it. I can't help myself I must own more and more books. I currently have about 150 books on my TBR pile(s) so maybe that makes you feel a bit better? Or alternately inspires you to keep collecting.....

Carin Siegfried said...

@Becky - all books $5 would be dangerous. I don't know what A&R is but I hope they con't come to Charlotte!

@mummazappa - HAHAHA! I have over 350! In my house! Unread! Thanks for trying though. I am going to hit 100 books this year byt he skin of my teeth. That means that if I continue to read at this pace (which is unprecedented), I have 3.5 YEARS worth of books, IF I bring nothing new in. Hahahahahahahaha.