Friday, January 14, 2011

A Bookaholic Confession

I just filled out a survey for Reading Group Choices (it was fun, you should do it too!) and one question was how many books did I buy last year (including books given away). I thought well, this should be pretty easy as I bought almost nothing. So I thought and I added. And I looked on Goodreads and I added. And I went back and back through the months and added and added and added. And came up with almost 50. Holy crap! That's not cool! I am unemployed I have over 350 unread books in my house. Plus I volunteer at the library. So I guess one of my resolutions this year is to buy fewer books than last year.

So, last week I was in Denver and what did I do? Of course I went to The Tattered Cover! It's an awesome bookstore I've heard about for years and years, and I bought two books. One was a used book so it didn't break the budget, and I read it the next day (Drinking by Caroline Knapp) and have already passed it along to someone else. The other is my book club selection for February (Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann). I like to support independent bookstores, and I'd have to buy that one anyway. So I justified it and went my merry way.

But seriously, I could have gotten both of those books at the library. It's literally been years since I've checked a book out of the library. Even though I'm there every week volunteering. Ridiculous. But I hate to be confined and forced to read something right away. Last week I read a book I bought in 1996! If that was a library book my fine would be in the thousands!

So in 2011, I am going to be periodically reporting my book purchases. I need accountability. I am an addict and I need help stopping. So far, 2 books.


Suzanne said...

Hi Carin, I'm Suzanne and I too am a bookaholic.
I understand that 50 books is a lot in your situation, but I'd be afraid to tell you how many I bought last year (way more than 50, and I am a regular library patron too!)

I'm making an effort to curb the book purchases this year and when I do buy a book it will be from my area indie.

Carin Siegfried said...

I should add that thanks to my publishing contacts, I am able to get tons of free books, which is another reason that it's crazy I bought so many books last year! Good luck Suzanne!

Anonymous said...

i love the library too but i have the same instinct you do...that i'm now forced to read this book within this shorttime frame...i lke to have it and readit when i want too....
good luck with your goal...i an jealous of your publishing contact