Friday, May 6, 2011

Book Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey

I actually managed for once to have both the audio and print versions of this book, and I thought - score! I can actually see the photo insert on an audio! Only to find out that for the first time, a PDF of the photo insert was included as a second download when I got the audio! Wow! Way to go Hachette Audio - you really stepped up with the technology and I hope other publishers follow. I have been complaining about this limitation to audio books for years but need to no more!

I thought this would be a good audio for me and my boyfriend to listen to on a long car trip, but he deemed it too girly and put in ear plugs so he could read his own book, although he did pop up and listen to parts, such as the chapter about "30 Rock" and the one about Ms. Fey's Sarah Palin impersonation. For the Palin bit, they used an actual clip from Saturday Night Live, showing once again the superiority of audio for certain types (humor, memoir) of books.

She reads clearly and with humor, if a little fast. Instead of a celebrity book about how fabulous her life is, Bossypants is mostly about how Tina is a pretty ordinary woman, with a life much like mine, albeit with a larger income (although in Manhattan it doesn't go much further.) She's very relatable, especially to women in her cohort. Her stories about her professional life are interspersed with stories about growing up, and those were mostly the ones that lost my BF. He didn't care about awkward adolescences, nursing, or other "girly" bits (his word), and I could see how certain stories were bound to lose him. But I enjoyed the book quite thoroughly. It was funny and self-deprecating, and I felt like Tina was a friend from elementary school telling me stories. Her background was familiar and homey. Perhaps it is simply because we are somewhat close in age, but I really felt like if I met her (especially back then), we would be friends.

I did periodically poke the BF to listen to funny parts like her honeymoon cruise that went terribly wrong, early days working in Chicago improv, and her inventive swearing. Hilarious, down-to-earth, and without a celebrity cliche to be found, Ms. Fey has written a thoroughly enjoyable memoir that women everywhere will love.

I bought the audio from Audible, and received the hardcover from a friend.


Unknown said...

Interesting review to what seems like an interesting book. It took me a while to get used to Tina Fey on 30 Rock even though I knew she was a comedic genius from her stellar career on SNL.


Stacy at The Novel Life said...

I never got into 30 Rock so I thought I might not like this book even though it's at the top of charts. Your review may have just changed my mind. I have some audible credits to use up (love, love, love audible!) so I may just go ahead and bite the bullet and get this one. Sounds like I won't be disappointed. I sure could use some good laughs! Btw, are you going to BEA and BBC?

Jenny said...

I agree! This book was great! My husband actually read it and really liked it too. He and I laughed so hard when we re-hashed the part about the cruise where Tina is thinking one thing and her husband the other. I read the print version but can imagine the audio would have added a lot!!

Carin Siegfried said...

@Man of La Book - it's def worth reading although like the BF you might not like the girly chapters so much.

@Stacey, at this point, not going to BEA or BBC. Maybe next year. Have a few irons in the fire that need tending at the moment. Hope to have some employment soonish! This would be excellent for your Audible credits.

@Jenny, I LOVED the cruise part - the BF and I went on a cruise back in February and I was shocked/terrified to find out that the entertainers are the people in charge in case of an emergency. Yes, it makes sense the way she explained it, but sorry, I just don't have a massive amount of confidence in the singers and dancers in that situation.

Booksnyc said...

The entertainers on the cruise are in charge in case of emergency? That IS terrifying!

This is a memoir I will definitely read or listen to soon!