Friday, June 10, 2011

Invisible Bookshelves Follow-Up

When I posted last month about wanting to put up invisible bookshelves in my office, I was thinking of homemade (and therefore cheap) ones like the ones featured here or here, but after a couple of trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, we were unable to find the required L-brackets. I think one problem was that my BF kept telling the employees we wanted to make bookshelves, and so they kept sending us to the bookshelves aisle. I think if he had just told them L-brackets, we'd have had a better chance at getting the right thing, but once they had bookshelves in their heads, they couldn't think of anything but bookshelves. So in the end we caved and went to B&N

They had 2 sizes, so I got 2 of each, knowing I'd automatically put bigger books on the bottom ones and smaller books as the displays went up. Aesthetically, it's just the only way to go. As an added bonus over the DIY version, these don't hurt the bottom book at all. It's a pretty clever design, in fact! We borrowed a drill, and they were relatively easy to put up, once I convinced the BF to ignore the studs (which were very much not in the center of where we wanted to install them) and instead to rely on the plastic anchors. (Those do not come with the shelves, but I had leftovers from previous projects.)

And they're up! I figure I will still be doing my book reading selecting from the living room, so I didn't want to have books on my TBR pile in these stacks. Unfortunately, I mostly get rid of books once I've read them so my options were limited. I do though collect Jane Austen sequels/prequels/one-offs with no intention of reading them, so that's what's on the bottom 2 shelves. The top 2 have an assortment of read books that I am hanging on to, and unread books I never intend to read for whatever reason but need to hang on to (such as a political book written by a college friend, and an economic book my father gave me.)

Quest Invisible Bookshelves was ultimately successful! The book piles in my living room are gone, there's a little extra space on the living room shelves even, and hopefully this combined with my efforts to reduce my book acquisitions will keep me in business for a year or so, while I continue to scheme to get my Dad's white Storehouse bookcase (400 miles away, I don't have a truck, he's not sure he wants to give it to me.)


Cath said...

I think these would be so cute for small spaces, like the hallway, bathroom and kitchen (gets those cookbooks off the counter!) I really,really like them.:)

avisannschild said...

I like these too and think they could be perfect above my bed and/or next to my desk in my office (although I suppose in the latter case a regular bookshelf would be more practical).

Jillian said...

Oh how neat!! I've been wondering how they'd look and they look pretty nice.

christa @ mental foodie said...

Nice! Have to ask - is the cat loving it too? (If I remember right you have a cat?!)

Unknown said...

We have these shelves in our house! We keep dvds on them :) Guess where we found them... Ace Hardware!

Carin Siegfried said...

@Christa, the cat hasn't paid them much notice. The top book on each stack is a small trade paperback, so there's not much surface area for her to jump onto, plus she can't sit up without bumping her head, and they can't be used as a stepping stone to another (higher) place, so she's ignoring them, which is just great!

@Katie, I thought about Ace, but after striking out at Lowe's and HD, I figured they'd have the same response (plus happened to be at B&N since it's across from REI which the BF needs to go to weekly.) Good to know though! Our Ace has everything it seems like.