Friday, June 21, 2013

Book Review: The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly

Normally I don't read legal thrillers. I'm much more of a literary novel/memoir kind of reader. But I have my guilty pleasures (as we all do) and I thought the premise of The Lincoln Lawyer sounded mighty intriguing. Also my father is an enormous reader of thrillers and would like me to read some of the books he loves from time to time. So when I asked to borrow The Lincoln Lawyer last year, I think he was quite happy about it. And I was happily surprised to find myself staying up well past my bedtime, picking it up first thing in the morning before even getting out of bed, and pretty much reading it every available moment. I was sold. And although Dad likes the Harry Bosch series by Connelly better, I decided to read all of the Mickey Haller series. (And nicely, they actually do cross over. This book is the #2 Mickey Haller book and also the #14 Harry Bosch. I believe the third book has Bosch in it, too.)

Mickey has had some repercussions from the events of The Lincoln Lawyer, most of them not great. But he's going to start back to work soon, slowly. Then, a colleague of his is murdered, and Mickey is given all of his cases, which can be both a boon and a bust, depending on how it turns out. Also, was the other lawyer murdered because of something having to do with one of these cases? If so, which one, and how can Mickey figure out what the crucial information is that could be endangering his life? He needs to quickly get up to speed on a prestigious capital case among others, worry about the other lawyer's murder, and also figure out if this cop Bosch is leveling with him and why he's being cryptic.

The book rocketed along, although a little slower than some people might prefer due to the details of mundane defense lawyer life that I like, and a difficult and believable murder mystery. It was quite fun across the board and I have picked up the third book in the series.

I borrowed this book from my father.

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Mme Perry said...

Michael Connelly has the gift, fortunately he shares it with us.