Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review: The Wedding Girl by Madeleine Wickham

Recently I was explaining to someone my division of chick lit into two distinct parts, older and younger, and how much I prefer the older segment (and yes, I know the phrase "chick lit" is now considered gauche, but there's not good substitute, plus I think the people upset about it were overreacting.) Younger chick lit is more obsessed with boyfriends and the problems are sillier. Older chick lit tends to deal with more real problems. Some people might not think there's a big difference but to me, there is. I also prefer my chick lit to not be set in New York or London, and not to automatically have a horrible boss and a nutty best friend.

In The Wedding Girl, we are in Bath, England, and Milly is about to marry Simon, the only son of a multi-millionaire, but Milly has a secret from ten years ago. We actually find out the secret on page one, and the suspense lies in when it will be reveals and how and by whom. And of course what the ramification will be. The secret comes out just past half-way in the book, with a great deal of denouement, and tension still remains in how it will be resolved. Of course, not only Milly has a secret. So does her sister Isobel, her father James, Simon's father Harry, and Milly's old friend Rupert. Like any good chick lit novel, we get nearly everything wrapped up at the end, but Ms. Wickham is brilliant in adding a few twists, and having at least one minor story line only partly be wrapped up.

Madeleine Wickham also writes as Sophie Kinsella, and while those books sell better, I prefer these books. They remind me of Sex in and City, mixing fluff and fun with serious topics and real problems. I do like my fluff, but I don't want it to be completely without any depth or meaning. In The Wedding Girl, she hits on topics such as, what does it mean to truly know a person? Is it okay to lie to someone you love? What truly makes for a happy marriage? What sacrifices do we make for happiness? I like to have my cupcake, and have it not be just icing. If you do too, pick up a Madeleine Wickham novel.

I bought this book at B&N.

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Booksnyc said...

I like both her Sophie Kinsella and Madeline Wickham books - this one is on my shelf - I need to read it!