Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Book Review: Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris

A book of essays is always hard to review, but suffice it to say if you like Mr. Sedaris, he won't let you down here. Every time that I worry he'll run out of material, he decides to start personally picking up all the garbage in the areas surrounding their house in England or meets a very creepy taxidermist who has a mummified human arm and the skeleton of a pygmy. I always love the stories about his family from when he was a kid, and also about Hugh who just doesn't even see all of David's odd quirks (what a fantastic trait to have in a loved one!)

I think my favorites this time were "Standing By" about airports and "A Cold Case" about David's passport being stolen. David includes some very short pieces of fiction in this book (2-3 pages) and a set of poems about dogs at the end, which weren't my favorite. I just love his personal stories about his life! I love hearing about the differences in the Pimsleur language programs (German is angrier and more direct), child David asking out a poor black girl, and child David and his cousin bringing ten loggerhead turtles home from the beach (it does not end well).

I laughed out loud several times and forcibly read aloud bits to my BF even though he doesn't get David's humor. I think the problem is he's not heard David's priceless delivery (luckily I saw him live when the book was first released so I did hear him read several stories.) Loved it!

I bought this book at my local independent bookstore, Park Road Books.

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Blogger10 said...

I've only read 1 Sedaris before (Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim) and didn't adore it...but I've been meaning to try again, because so many readers gush about him all the time. The title of this one alone makes me want to try it out though!