Monday, February 17, 2014

Book Review: The Longest Date: Life as a Wife by Cindy Chupack

I just got married in August so a memoir about being a newlywed was right up my alley. I also read Ms. Chupack's previous book about being single, and I've enjoyed her writing on various TV shows (Sex and the City, Modern Family) very much. In fact, I did feel like, in a couple of chapters, I saw where certain episodes of SatC came from.

After a short, failed first marriage (turns out he was gay), Cindy was somewhat resigned to staying single. But then she met a "bad boy" who didn't want to be committed, let alone get married. She thought he sounded like fun. He turned out to be the one and proposed on an actual horse. She then had to adjust to living with him, and his dog, and then there were more adjustments when they decided they wanted to have a kid. And when they had troubles having a kid, that meant even more adjustments.

Each chapter read as a short self-contained essay. In fact the one about the snow machine I know I've read before. But they do progress pretty much linearly. She keeps things light with a good dose of humor, even when the material is less than light. She has a very easy style to read, and the book isn't long. I could have read it in just a few hours but I was enjoying it, so I spread it over a few days. It's a perfect gift for an older newlywed (Ms. Chupack was forty when she married Ian.) or an older singleton who still believes in love.

A friend gave me an ARC of this book, not from the publisher.

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