Thursday, December 31, 2015

Carin's Best Book of 2015

Yes, part of the reason this book was my favorite was because of where my head-space was when I read it. In another year, it would have still been an excellent book, but not necessarily my favorite of the year. But 2015 was a rough year with a lot of challenges, and Leigh Ann Henion made me feel like I wasn't alone and there was a lot of hope and beauty in the world and I could hang in there and get through. She helped me stop thinking about my problems for a minute and take a moment to think about the future and where I want to travel one day, which is a glorious change of pace from worrying about bills and health issues and other personal problems. She was so easy to identify with, so filled with effervescent but not foolish optimism, and coming from a dark place herself, that this book hit home with me. Thank you Leigh Ann!

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