Friday, February 12, 2016

Book Review: The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain by Bill Bryson

I have now officially read all of Mr. Bryson's books (aside from his longer dictionary. I have though read the entire shorter dictionary.) I was introduced to him by my father back in 1998 who said he thought Mr. Bryson wrote in a style similar to how I'd write, if I wrote. After seeing how snarky and sarcastic he was, I wasn't sure that my father meant that as a compliment, but he's probably right, as I do love his books and I thoroughly enjoy the snark and sarcasm.

That said, I think Mr. Bryson is getting a little mellower in his later years. He can still be very infuriated by difficult, stupid people and those who almost seem to go out of their way to make others' lives difficult. However, in the whole, he found his latest trip around England very satisfying and nice. I was jealous about all the walking paths everywhere and I also want to visit many of the random little museums. He starts at the bottom of England (although he also hits Wales again towards the end) and works his way north. He walks and takes the train whenever possible. He starts by deliminating a "Bryson Line" from the Southernmost point to the Northernmost (that can still be in a line and not go to sea) but it serves merely as a starting point and ending point.

I spent a fair amount of time in Great Britain when I was 13, half of a summer (mostly in Leeds) and I thought I never really needed to spend much time there again, except maybe to actually be awake in London, but this book has renewed my interest in England which I now very much want to visit for an extended period. I'm not holding my breath for the near future, but one never knows. Meanwhile, Mr. Bryson is always a funny traveling companion.

I checked this book out of the library.

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