Saturday, December 31, 2016

Carin's Best Book of 2016

As usual, part of the reason you love a book is because of how you're feeling and what's going on in your life when you read a book. I think I would have loved A Man Called Ove no matter what, but it helped that I was going through a rough patch. If you're feeling down or blue, read this book. You'll get to a point about 80 pages in when you'll say, "What the hell, Carin? This book is depressing!" Hang in there. Everything starts to change at that point. And it's the most lovely, heartwarming, but not cloying or sweet book. And that's a fine line to ride.

I've recommended this book many times this year. I saw the movie. I want to buy a copy (I had borrowed the one I read) so I can read it again and so I can get my husband to read it. If you're looking for a Stars Hollow or Lifetime movie experience, this isn't is, as Ove is grumpy and curmudgeonly to an extreme, but int he end, I just loved him, and all his neighbors, and I love the message and I hope we all can be communities like the one that surrounded him. In today's tough times, we need this book more than ever. And Ove would like for me to say, we should all drive Saabs.

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