Friday, June 16, 2017

What My New Job is Like

I know, I've been fairly absent from my blog this month, but I've had a very good excuse. Over the last two months I've been traveling like crazy to visit all my accounts, mostly independent bookstores, and my territory is rather large: Southern NJ and Eastern PA, on down through NC. And since I like numbers and fun facts, I thought I'd pull some together for you all.

States visited: 6 plus 1 district plus drove through 1 additional state.
Miles Driven: 5641
Audiobooks listened to: 6
Times car in shop: 2 (oil change and brake light, flat tire)
Bookstores visited: 38
Additional bookstores I visited in this timeframe that aren't even my accounts: 2
What I bought at those bookstores: 1 Wonder Woman mug, 4 literary tea towels, 2 jigsaw puzzles, 1 notepad, 1 giant (joke) highlighter, 1 leather cat keychain. (Yes, I am a sucker for sidelines.)
Funniest book I saw at a store: How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety
Panera Breads visited: 11
Number of Macmillan titles to review for every order for Fall 2017: 1232
Oldest bookstore: Moravian Books in Pennsylvania (it's the oldest bookstore in the U.S.!) Founded 1745.
Youngest bookstore: East City Books in D.C. It was 364 days old when I visited, one day shy of its first birthday!

So what I do is I go to bookstores and we review their order, which hopefully they've already pulled together on the website where online catalogs live. Otherwise, we will go through the whole thing instead of just the books I want to review, and we can then take a 1 hour appointment and make it into 3. As I'm sure you can imagine, going over 1232 books is daunting and time-consuming. Luckily a lot of the books are also fun or awesome or awe-inspiring, so it's like little treats are sprinkled throughout this task. I managed to read 12 books on the list plus 40 picture books. Next season I plan to read more. I've already read 14 2018 books! Sales Conference ended yesterday so it's time to switch gears to Winter 2018 (January-April).

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