Friday, July 28, 2017

Book Review: Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

I have now read all of Ms. Rowell's books but one. And yes, this is just a short novella, but it was still delightful and I enjoyed it very much.

Elena loves Star Wars. But only the original three (now numbers 4-6). When she was a kid, that's all her father would let her watch, because they were the originals and because the others weren't the same. Even after her father left, she still didn't watch them, as a way to honor his wishes. So it's unusual that she'd decided to camp out for seats to the seventh movie (you don't even have to camp out for tickets anymore as you can buy those online in advance.) She thought it would be a fun, exciting party, but she finds there are only two guys there... and that's it (until the last day). But she decides to stick it out. So she spends most of a week with a real Star Wars nut, and a quiet guy about her age who just reads. It could be worse. They're actually both relatively nice. Although she's worried they'll find out she's only watched 3 of the 6 movies. Even if she is freezing and they don't have a bathroom at night, it's kind of fun. Eventually, the quiet guy, Gabe, starts talking and it turns out, he's a really nice guy. Doesn't she maybe know him from somewhere?

And that's all I'm going to say, because it is a really short book after all. It has Ms. Rowell's characteristically quirky and introverted characters who you can't help but root for. And Star Wars!

This book is published by Macmillan, my employer, and it was produced for Independent Bookstore Day.

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