Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Book Review: Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

I don't read a lot of contemporary women's thrillers, even though they're really hot right now, but I read a few, and I've read the big ones. This novel falls squarely in that wheelhouse. One night two teenage sisters disappear. Five years later, only one of them returns. Where is Emma? What has happened to her?

This book takes place  over the course of one week (although with a ton of flashbacks) after Cass reappears, alternating between Cass telling the story of what happened (through her trauma she's got memory issues, which is why is takes a week for the family to figure out where Emma is), and the female FBI profiler on the case, Dr. Winter. Emma was a typical teenager, rebellious but also striving, who made have gotten into trouble. How did she disappear that night, how did Cass end up disappearing with her, where have they been for the last five years, and why has only Cass returned? I don't want to tell any more because all of these are important questions. The job does a good job of holding the tension taut, giving away only the parts you need to know, and keeping the reader guessing until the end. It's also a little more literary, in my opinion, than a typical thriller, mostly due to the psychologist's perspectives. Not much gets by her, although we readers don't always get her take on the story until later. It's a fun read, with twists and turns that kept me fully entertained.

I got this book for free from the publisher, which is my employer, Macmillan.

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