Sunday, March 25, 2018

Book Review: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer (audio)

Took a long time to get this--the wait list at the library went on for ages! But it was worth it. As usual, a memoir by someone famous especially someone funny. is something I wanted to hear in the author's own voice. And that was the right choice.

Throughout this memoir, Amy is hilarious, honest, funny, forthright, insightful, relatable, and goofy. In more or less chronological order, we hear about her growing up, her father getting sick, her success in stand up and eventually TV, her relationship with her sister, her relationships with men, and just everything. Interspersed throughout are funny lists and sidebars. The parts you probably aren't expecting is hearing about how her first time having sex was essentially date rape. And about having to clean her father up after he pooped himself in public more than once due to his illness. And these stories are great--they're straightforward without any goofing around although with a sense of humor and you really feel they're true.

But one caveat with the audiobook is that they're often followed up with one of those funny lists, and there's no more than a couple of seconds pause between the two, which can lead to some jarring moments. Right after I've heard about someone's rape, I don't want to immediately get a joke. In the print version of the book you can pause yourself for a moment or two to process, which is trickier in an audiobook. That said, it's a minor caveat. I'm still very glad I listened to this book instead of reading it in print.

With Amy you really get the impression that she's a regular girl which I mean in the best possible way--like if you met in real life you could be friends. And like regular people, she's had some problems in her life. And luckily for us, she's chosen to share them in a way that is both healing and also, appropriately, funny. Due to the occasional dark nature, I'd say she's the closest to David Sedaris that I've read. And that's a HUGE compliment.

I downloaded this book on Overdrive via my library.

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