Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Book Review: How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

I haven't read Jojo Moyes, but I can sure see why the books are being compared. But Ms. Center's book has a happy ending.

Margaret just bought a condo, she's poised to receive a dream job offer, and her Ken-doll boyfriend, Chad, seems about to propose. One thing though that Chad does that rubs Margaret the wrong way is that, despite her near-paralyzing fear of flying (or perhaps because of it), he's determined to become a certified pilot. But if that's his only flaw, everything's pretty great, right? Well, except for the fact that her older (and only) sister is estranged from the family. But surely that will blow over eventually. And so on Valentine's Day, she dresses extra nice, convinced this is The Night. And it is. But Chad wants to propose to Margaret mid-air. And Margaret's worst fears are realized, changing her life forever.

So as to not give away spoilers, this is going to be a short review. The book is juicy, with lots of drama, between her black sheep sister, her lug of a boyfriend, and now an incredibly changed life she didn't ask for or want, Margaret has to rethink everything she's ever known about everything--including who she herself is and what she wants. I started it just meaning to read a couple of pages and then get back to my other book, but next thing I knew I was 50 pages in and there was no stopping! A perfect beach read.

I got this book for free from the publisher, Macmillan, who is also my employer.

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