Thursday, August 30, 2018

Book Review: Calypso by David Sedaris

Oh David. I love David Sedaris. I've seen him live 5 times. And it's so important, I think, to hear him read his stories, or you miss half of the jokes. Which means that later, I will probably listen to this on audio. Because as it is, while I adored it, it was one of his less funny books.

Granted, a lot of it has to do with or is informed by, the suicide of his sister. But he's dealt with his mother's death in previous books in ways that end up infused with humor. This time around though, there feels to be a thread of melancholy running through. Is it because of aging? A very unexpected and unprepared for death? He also has an essay about his mother's alcoholism which deals with it in a very frank and honest way, with one of the best, most insightful lines on alcoholism I have ever read. After looking back and seeing what perhaps drove the escalation of her drinking, he nevertheless concludes that she was lonely because her kids grew up and left, but she drank because she was an alcoholic. I very much appreciated the lack of excuse and the lack of blame on anything but the alcoholism.

I would love to go to his new North Carolina beach house, the Sea Section (great name!) I have read in reviews that others find his father to be strict and uncompromising but I see none of that--I find his father to be a man stuck in his ways (who among us isn't already, or won't be by the time we're 90) but who genuinely likes spending time with his adult kids and who seems pretty genial if quirky. And I am super impressed that he goes to spin class every day when he's at home. At half his age, I couldn't do that!

What I can do is compete with David's FitBit obsession. I am still annoyed that I chose not to wear it on my wedding day, five years ago. I also wish I could somehow go back in time and own a FitBit (had they been invented yet?) when I walked my full marathon back in 2011. FitBit thinks I've only walked one 35K day in my life (May 11, 2015) but I did that at least 5 times while training for the marathon. I do think obsessed is very much the right word for David's relationship with FitBit, as he paces around an airport despite an intestinal illness. But I wish I could be his FitBit friend. Even if he would kick my ass in any Challenge.

As per usual, David manages to tackle issues both giant and infinitesimal in his trademark humorous way, finding the amusement in even very depressing topics, and finding hilarity in the absurd. My life would be a dream if he would only publish a book every month. I would read them all.

I bought this book at Watchung Booksellers, the independent bookstore in my town.

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