Friday, December 28, 2018

Book Review: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman (audio)

If ever a book was made for the audio format, this is it. It felt like a real conversation between Megan and Nick. I even found myself wondering, more than once, if they maybe recorded this first AS a conversation, and then transcribed it for the printed book. I don't think so (way too few "ums" and wandering sentences for that.) but it feels like a real conversation. They play off each other throughout and sometimes contradict or correct each other. Nick comments about Megan's many ex boyfriends, and she laughs at his much she was disinterested when she first met him.

They go into their very different family backgrounds and upbringings, and when they each first moved to Los Angeles and what lead them to acting and finally what lead them to each other. Megan was already famous when they met, at the end of the second season of Will and Grace, while Nick was living in a friend's unfinished dirt floor basement. Megan is also 12 years older than Nick. Nick comes from a very loving, nuclear Midwestern family. The one commonality was Midwestern, but Megan's family was pretty opposite, with loads of substance abuse, narcissism, and art. But they found each other.

I loved that they described the photos in the photo insert. I often feel short-changed when listening to an audiobook that I know has photos in it, but I totally didn't with this one! (tip: if you BUY it, there's a pdf file of the photos. I got it from the library so I didn't get that. So if you want the audio with the photos, go to Libro.fm or Audible.) The book was hilarious, uplifting, life affirming, although at one point Megan is correct in her prediction that every woman listening was giving their significant other serious side-eye for not being as head-over-heels romantic as Nick. But I enjoyed it to my core, and it warmed me to my toes.

I downloaded the eaudiobook from Overdrive/Libby via my local library.

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