Saturday, January 26, 2019

Book Review: The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

Delightful! Funny, brutally honest, fascinating, and eyebrow-raisingly straightforward, this is the celebrity memoir that all others should be held up to.

Granted, few celebrities have been through as harrowing a childhood as Tiffany (thank goodness) but even after her mother was in a car accident that caused brain damage that lead to physical and emotional abuse, and to Tiffany eventually landing in foster care, she had the backbone and strength to fight for herself. Trained to take care of others and not think for herself, she's had wretchedly awful relationships with men, but she's gotten out of all of them (often inflicting more pain than she received. Do not wrong this woman!) And all along, her humor has helped and even saved her. And she is now one of the funniest people in entertainment. She told a judge, whom she had to get permission from to appear on TV as a comedy up-and-comer at 15, that she was going to be a famous comedian one day, and while it took longer than she'd figured (she had to quit that and get a real job for most of her twenties to get by and support family members). Boy, was she right.

I've rarely listened to an audiobook that kept me so riveted. Even on  long car rides, I never zoned out or worried I'd drift off. She had be guffawing throughout. And it's really, really hard to be funny about physical abuse. Don't get me wrong--she never took it lightly. But she saw the humor in it, in a gotta-laugh-or-I'll-cry kind of way. Listen to this right now. Don't read it--she does all the voices, and sings a song at the end. The audio is the way to go.

I got this book on Libby (Overdrive) via my local library.

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